Session Information


When should you book your session?

We book at about 3 weeks out and in the summer it can be 6 weeks out so the earlier you book, the higher chance you have on getting the date and time you want. I tell all expectant mothers to notify me in the 8th month so that I can pencil your date in as we like to see newborns before 2 weeks of age.

What to wear?

What you decide to wear for your session is an important decision to make. I can help you with your clothing questions in our phone consultation, but here are some tips:

Babies: Try not to over dress your baby; they look fine dressed in something simple. Babies look so cute in hats so have a couple handy for the session and I will help you choose between them. I think babies look best in their bare skin. Try not to put on anything tight because when we remove the baby’s clothes, the clothing lines will show and that is not something we want. I love color, but it looks best in small amounts. You should try and stay away from clothes with logo’s or sayings on them and try to go for nice bold solid colors…they work best.

Children: I love to see kids wear clothes that are very colorful and unique. Girls look so cute with brightly colored tights and cool boots. Boys look great with jeans and classic looking shirts. I always suggest a few different sets of clothes and we can allow time for each of the outfits.

Teens: I really enjoy seeing a teen dressed in clothes that reflect their personality. My teen sessions are fun and laid back and I allow time for changing into different outfits. I like to see girls dressed with really funky outfits and cool jewelry and boys look great with jean/khakis and graphic T shirts.

Groups: This is always a tricky clothing subject. With groups you need to be careful that you wear neutral colors or at least colors that compliment each other.Jeans look great on everyone and a complimentary shirt for each family member would work fine. Also take the season into consideration…hats and scarves work great in the fall and winter.

These are just suggestions and if you have any questions before your session please feel free to give me a call.

How long will the session last?

Your session can last from 60 minutes to 90 depending on the type of session and the children. A newborn session will typically take longer.

How many images will I get?

After our session you will get an online gallery with approximately 35 images to choose from.

I am dying to see my images…how long will it take?

You will receive a email within two weeks of your session with a link to your online gallery.

How long do I have to choose my prints?

Your gallery is active for 7 days and all orders must be received and paid for by the seventh day. After you gallery expires you have an option of activating it for 3 more days within 30 days from initial gallery viewing for an activation fee of $25.00. Orders must be received by the end of that reactivation. Late payments are subject to a $25.00 per week late fee for up to four weeks.


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